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The printer's small size has great wisdom

Pad printing is a printing process, its principle is very simple, through the use of silicone rubber moulds the pad printing head of the graphic on the steel photosensitive plastic gravure gravure or transfer to the substrates. Moving printing machine can be used for flat or various kinds of molding material printing, such as watches and clocks, electronics, glass products, plastic products, metal products, optical products, etc. Its main characteristic is to target the irregular shaped concave and convex surface of printing, this is to use other printing method is difficult to achieve and can't do, and pad printing can easily perform, and it can achieve exquisite multicolor printing. This for instruments and equipment as well as a few small product is ideal for surface printing printing way. In addition, its printing stable, persistent, even if long time printing, printing precision won't change, and get rid of the drying procedure, also continuous multi-color printing. Pad printing machine points mainly monochrome, double color from the color, four color, six and eight color color, etc.; From the degree of automation can be divided into manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic type, etc., and it is a moving printing machine with the CTP system, further improve the degree of automation. Here mainly from the overall structure of the pad printing machine and some local key parts for the current main moving printing machine on the market for analysis.
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