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The main features of screen printing machine

1, screen printing machine unique frequency control device, printing speed from 20 to 70 times per minute;
2, the electronic counter can be accurately preset number of times, the total number of automatic shutdown;
3, screen printing machine with multi-color printing device, fine-tuning operation, accurate to the point of color to improve the printing quality;
4, screen printing machine suitable for large area background, fine words, Gang Point, are clear and bright do not fade;
5, ink adhesion, ink thick, do not fade, do not fade, Chennai waiting for good, bright color;
6, screen printing machine can be connected to UV dryer / polishing die-cutting machine / sub-machine / cutter / rewinder or alone;
7, screen printing machine using the world's best built-in servo motor, user-friendly design, conducive to operation;
8, easy to reduce the test version of the high cost of printing material loss.
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